We are Looking for a New Executive Director

Are you passionate about the North Idaho Centennial Trail? Have Non-Profit Fundraising, Event Coordination, Trail Management, and Public Relations Experience?

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Job Description:

Mission Statement:  Connecting the people of North Idaho with an expanding system of trails.  Our mission is to preserve and develop the North Idaho Centennial Trail system and promote non-motorized trail connectivity throughout North Idaho.

Trail Overview:  The North Idaho Centennial Trail is a 23 mile trail system that utilizes right-of-ways and public property.  This trail system connects to a 39 mile trail at the Idaho/Washington state line.  The entire trail is paved and has numerous scenic overviews and trail heads.  The North Idaho Centennial Trail is the ‘hub’ to several other connector trails along the 23 mile corridor.  The NICTF works closely with all the jurisdictions that have legal ownership of the trail.  The NICTF is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization.

Job Purpose:  Fund raising is a major function of this job.  The funds we raise match funds with local jurisdictions for long-term maintenance and capital trail improvements.  The executive director collaborates with local entities when pursuing grant opportunities. Oversight is provided for fiscal administration, NICTF sub-committees and contacts with local jurisdictions, promotion of the trail and fund raising efforts through meetings with groups and individuals.  The E.D. stays abreast of activities, construction, maintenance and repairs to the trail.  

Reports To:    Directly -    NICTF Chairman

                        Indirectly - NICTF Executive Committee and NICTF Board of Directors

Responsibilities and Duties:


  • Provide oversight of management of the Coeur d’Alene Marathon in accord with annual management agreement.
  • Coordinate, promote and oversee the details for the Ales for the Trail Microbrew Festival.
  • Participation in and oversee the Coeur d’Fondo within the scope of the management agreement including sponsorships.
  • Coordinate event sponsorships, confirm and follow up with past sponsors and contact potential new sponsorships for foundation events.
  • Manage the Sponsor-A-Mile program, soliciting sponsors and maintaining contracts on each mile of the 23 mile trail.
  • Promote foundation membership and develop programs for maintaining and increasing membership
  • Assist with designated representatives in preparing the foundation’s budget and 5-year plan forecast.
  • Prepare financial statements and tax returns under the direction of the foundation treasurer.  This will include audit information.
  • Facilitate offsetting administrative expenses with fund raising activities allowing the NICTF to further long-term maintenance goals and improvements of the Centennial Trail.


  • Work with the Foundation Chair to prepare agendas for Board and executive Board meetings.
  • Prepare minutes from Board and executive Board meetings and distribute in a timely fashion which should be no less than 72 hours prior to upcoming meeting.
  • Report to Board and executive Board with monthly reports.  Respond to questions in timely fashion.
  • Attend committee meetings as requested.  The NICTF has several sub-committees integral to the operation of the Foundation and at least one sub-committee that includes the local jurisdictional entities.
  • Maintain and archive the Foundation’s records which include but are not limited to sponsorships, contracts, minutes, agenda and financial statements.
  • Prepare and maintain conflict of interest policy and annual conflict of interest statements for the Board members.
  • Respond to e-mails and voice messages within a within a 24 hour period. 
  • Meet with individual Board members and familiarize new members with Board operating guidelines and procedures.
  • Maintain foundation membership data base; provide listing of membership when requested.
  • Assist with the recruiting and vetting of Board members. 
  • Establish regular office hours and confirm such with the NICTF Chair.

Public Relations

  • Establish and manage the NICTF media policy.
  • Serve as the Foundations primary spokesperson and/or liaison promoting the Foundation’s interests and activities to government, civic, private, and other organizations.
  • Maintain the Foundation’s website; conduct semi-annual review with Board for current and accurate information.
  • Promote foundation membership and develop programs for maintaining and increasing membership.
  • Work with trail stakeholders and other interested parties to promote the development and expansion of the North Idaho Centennial Trail network as per the Foundations goals and short and long-range plans. 
  • Establish contact with local and regional media sources for distribution of NICTF updates and/or press releases.  

Other Contacts

  • Communicate with jurisdictional entities such as the State of Idaho (Parks and Idaho Transportation Department), Kootenai County, City of Coeur d’Alene and City of Post Falls, with regard to foundation goals, sponsorships, and activities; add them to NICTF notification list for agendas and minutes of meetings. Ensure the each entity’s contact person is up to date and included.
  • Work closely with the Joint Powers Board (JPB), which is comprised of an elected official from Kootenai County, City of Coeur d’Alene and City of Post Falls.  The JPB will meet as needed or semi-annually to review budget, maintenance and capital improvements.  
  • Stay in touch with Foundation sub-committee chairs to remain current on their activities and recommendations.

Note:  The above responsibilities and duties are not all inclusive and are subject to change as the Foundation Board deems necessary.

Please email your cover letter and resume to: info@nictf.org